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Akubra Hat FAQs

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from folks interested in Akubra hats. Questions asked frequently by our Akubra dealers and hat stores interested in carrying Akubras are listed separately [Jump to Dealer FAQs].

Where can I buy an Akubra?

Akubras are available at selected retail stores in the US and Canada. Please check our listing of Akubra Dealers to find a store near you for local service and selection. A number of the stores also sell Akubras by mail and online.

How do I determine my hat size?

Heads come in all sizes, and a surprising variety of shapes. Please check our Hat Sizing page for detailed information on determining your hat size.

How do I know if the Akubra I bought fits correctly?

The correct size hat is essential for comfortable wearing and enjoyment of a hat. Check the fit when your hat first arrives. Detailed instructions are given on our Hat Sizing page.

If the hat does not fit, recheck your hat size, and exchange your hat for the correct size. Most hat shops and stores carrying Akubras in the US accomodate exchanges, but please check with your retailer first.

How do I take care of my Akubra?

There is no need to baby a quality hat, but if you treat it with understanding, it will look better and last longer. Detailed information is given on our Hat Care page. If your hats must of necessity be dried or stored under warm conditions, regular use of a hat stretcher will be beneficial.

How do I add a bash or crease to my open crown Akubra?

Follow our simple instructions for some common bashes or creases on our Bashing Your Open Crown Akubra Hat page.

Are Akubra hats waterproof?

All Akubra hats are waterproofed as part of the finishing. If over the course of years your hat loses its ability to keep out the rain, you can have it re-proofed as part of the cleaning and renovation process by a hat renovator, or alternatively you can usually re-proof the hat successfully with Scotchguard®.

I'm going to Australia. Can I buy an Akubra there ?

If you go to Australia you are likely to bring back an Akubra hat. Akubra offers a wide range of styles, colors and bands, and you are sure to find one that catches your eye. More Akubras leave Australia with tourists than any other way! Make sure you have the right size and fit -- exchanges after you leave are costly and awkward. If you bring back an Akubra for a friend, make sure you know their metric hat size. Before switching to metric sizes, the Australians measured hats in inches differently from Americans, so if you tell them the US hat size you may well end up with a wrong size. Don't guess -- only the right size works. [Akubra's Retail Store Locator]

Why not just buy an Akubra direct from Australia?

There are around 1,000 shops in Australia which carry Akubra hats, some of which do offer Akubras online. If you really want a style which we do not distribute here in the US and Canada, we suggest you take the following steps to avoid disappointment and hidden costs:

1. Know Your Hat Size. An Akubra that fits is a pleasure to wear, and you should not settle for a hat that doesn't fit. If you are unsure of your size, buying direct from Australia is not advised, as returning the hat to exchange for the correct size can be very expensive and time consuming.

2. Check Availability. Akubra offers over sixty styles of hats. Some Australian stores offer styles without carrying any inventory. Special orders for these styles might take 12 weeks or longer to be filled.

3. Know the Real Cost. Avoid surprises by calculating the total cost of buying direct including:

Cost of the hat in Australian Dollars
Shipping and handling charges in Australian Dollars
Currency exchange rates, plus any credit card foreign exchange fees. The interbank currency exchange rates can be checked daily at Oanda.com and other internet sites. Check with your own credit card company to learn their foreign exchange fees, which usually are between 2.5 and 3% in addition to the interbank rate.
Duty and US Customs clearance fees. Clearance fees alone can run from the USPS's $5.35 per shipment on up.

4. Honesty counts! We've heard of a few stores who have falsely filled out custom forms for shipments to the US -- declaring a lower value or marking the purchase as a gift or personal items. Make sure that you are dealing with a reputable store so that your shipment is not delayed in customs.

Follow these steps to ensure a successful Akubra purchase from Australia, plan a trip to Australia to buy in person, or enjoy the convenience of buying here in the US and Canada from one of our Akubra dealers.

Which Akubra Hats were provided for the movie Australia?

Akubra supplied close to 450 hats to the producers of the movie Australia. Many of the hats were custom made by Akubra, then custom shaped and trimmed by Rosie Boylan. As Stephen Keir, Akubra's Managing Director said:

"We sent fresh, new open crowned hats off and they then had to make them look like they'd been worn through anything from war to years in the outback. Our hats are renowned for their durability so I'm sure ageing them was an art in itself."

Many Aussie Slouch Hats were worn in the scenes depicting Australian troops. Snowy River and Stockman hats take their parts among outback shapes appearing in droving scenes. The Sydney Fedora is among other Akubra hats provided for city scenes.

More information about Akubra's role in the movie can be found at Akubra's own website and at our company blog at davidmorgan.biz.


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