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Akubra Dealer FAQs

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from our Akubra Dealers and hat stores interested in carrying Akubra hats. Questions asked frequently by individuals interested in Akubras are listed separately [Jump to FAQs].

How do I get started selling Akubras?

Download our Style Guide showing Akubras available from our stock service in North America. Our Ordering Information Guide summarizes the Akubra hats we offer stock service and by indent order, and our terms and conditions. Contact us by phone or email for further information and current pricing. We will assist you in setting up a new account, and choosing appropriate styles for your market.

What is your minimum order size?

Our minimum order for stock service Akubras is just 5 hats (mixed styles, sizes and colors). Our minimum indent order size is just 12 hats, but significant lead times and other conditions apply.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We ship promptly from our in-depth stock service inventory held in Bothell, Washington. Most orders are processed within 48 hours.Orders are shipped Tuesday through Friday. Transit time is usually between 1 day (Seattle area) and 5 days (East Coast).

What are the most poular styles of Akubras?

The Snowy River, Kiandra and Banjo Paterson are the most popular styles for active pursuits.

The Sydney (open crown) and Banjo Paterson are the most popular styles for city use. The new Stylemaster, a pre-creased Fedora, is gaining recognition as a great city hat.

The Traveller, in Akubra's Pliofelt, is the most popular style of crushable Akubra.

How do Akubras compare to Stetson® and Resistol® Western Hats?

Akubra, Stetson and Resistol all make great hats. We feel Akubra hats compare very well for durability and quality of fur felt. At any price range the sweatbands used by Akubra are hard to beat, making an Akubra an excellent choice for a quality hat which will feel great and wear well.

The quality of the felt in American hats is often designated by a number of X’s, an arbitrary value differing between manufacturers. Akubra does not use X’s. They produce three felt qualities. Their standard quality, with a world-wide reputation for durability, is offered in two finishes, the Imperial Quality, used in most of the standard hats we offer, and the Superfine, used in the Slouch hat. The Sydney is made from a lighter weight felt, using a finer fur, with a finish similar to the Imperial Quality. Their premium quality, developed for the Heritage Collection, is very much in the Akubra tradition, a stronger, more dense felt for even greater durability, which also allows a finer pouncing for a superb finish.

An interesting difference between Akubras and American hats is that Akubra does not use hat powders to correct or even out the colors of the felt in their hats. The felt is dyed to produce the color required. The dyeing will leave slight variations in the final color of the felt. These variations are subtle, but in a manner similar to the subtle variations found in good leather, enhancing the character of the felt as a natural material.

On style, the American hats tend to keep up to the minute in the Western hat market, following trends and fashions. Akubra has a different take on fashion, stressing quality and functionality over trends. The Bushman, the first hat made in Australia by Akubra in the early 1900's, is still in production and still selling well. The dash and flair of the Akubras is uniquely Australian, recognized throughout the world.



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